Audi DRC Suspension Service And Repairs

Some Audi variants come with a Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) suspension, which gives you incredible stability and comfortable rides. Currently, this system is installed in the RS4, RS6 and RS 7 models. If your Audi is equipped with this high-end feature, it makes sense to get it checked and optimised to continue enjoying its benefits.

Understanding The DRC And Its Benefits

A running car is constantly exposed to forces that make it wobble from side to side or front to back. These forces are more pronounced when you turn, brake or accelerate quickly. At highway speeds, these forces can make the car relatively difficult to control or throw you around resulting in a relatively bumpy ride.

The DRC is a mechanical system that reduces the movement of the car about its front to back axis (yaw) and about its left to right axis (roll). The result is a car that’s easier to control and offers smoother and more comfortable rides. Being a mechanical system, the DRC detects and instantly responds to road and ride conditions. This instant response is hard to achieve in electronically driven systems.

In models equipped with DRC, each pair of diagonally opposite shock absorbers are connected using hydraulic lines through a central valve. When the car sways laterally, the valves regulate the oil flow to instantly generate a corrective force on the opposite side to damp the movement. This improves ride dynamics giving you better control and comfort. While the DRC performs well for years, being a hydraulic system, you can expect gradual deterioration in its performance with age.

Reasons For DRC Performance Deterioration


Hydraulic systems like the DRC are very effective and efficient, but they all suffer from one disadvantage: fluid loss. With time, the suspension lines and valves will lose fluid through leaks or worn out hydraulic lines. Without the optimum amount of oil, the performance of the suspension is compromised and service or repairs will be needed to restore it.

The symptoms of a DRC problem are all related to ride quality and control. If you notice any of the following symptoms, get your suspension checked.

  • Rides become rougher than normal and you observe increased swaying from side to side or front to back during cornering, acceleration and braking.

  • You have to go more slowly during cornering to maintain control because the steering accuracy and performance is reduced.

  • Increased pedal vibrations.

Servicing or repairing the DRC will restore the performance of the suspension and your car. However, it’s important to get it done at the right garage. All garages, including some dealer garages, may not be equipped to fix the problem. For a DRC service in Nuneaton and surrounding areas, you can count on MJB. We have everything needed to check and service the DRC.

Why Choose MJB For DRC Servicing And Repairs

At MJB, we have the equipment and technical support from Audi to check, service and repair your DRC suspension system. We perform all types of Audi DRC servicing and repairs for Audi owners in Nuneaton and surrounding areas.

We will check the DRC, replace faulty lines and components and re-pressurise your suspension if necessary. After service, your car’s performance will be fully restored. Even if you are not experiencing any major issues with your car’s DRC suspension, but wish to get it checked and restored back to specification, we can do it for you.


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