Does your car need alignment? YES!

Correct wheel alignment is so important that we recommend it is checked every six months or 6,000 miles. With over 40% of cars on UK roads carrying damaged suspension, NOW is the right time to have yours checked. (Source: AA figures)


Reduce Tyre Wear and Improve Handling

Many alignment centers only “do the tracking” – making sure the front wheels are parallel. Modern cars can have all four wheels adjusted, so "doing the tracking" is only half the job. A four wheel alignment inspection will also act as a health check for your car’s suspension, so it should be part of your regular service schedule. A comprehensive four wheel alignment check will reduce tyre wear and improve your car's handling.

The ADAS Effect

If you have a car with Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Control and a many other Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) you MUST have your car regularly 4-wheel aligned to keep them working properly. After a small bump or even a windscreen change, 4-wheel alignment is needed when the repairer re-calibrates the ADAS sensors.

Don't leave it to chance.

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