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Are you looking for 4 Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Are you looking for a ‘4-wheel alignment specialist garage near me’?

If you are located anywhere in or around Burbage, consider ending your search with MJB Motor Services Ltd. We are an authorised automobile workshop that offers advanced 4-wheel alignment Burbage for most vehicles.

If you want to book us for this service, reach our facility at Unit 2A Sapcote Road industrial estate, Sapcote Road, Burbage, LE10 2AU. Our highly experienced technicians use advanced wheel aligners to restore the manufacturer’s recommended wheel angles of your car. We will align both the front and rear wheels with expertise and accuracy.

Why do you need a wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment facilitates improved car handling ability and improves driving comfort. So, any discrepancy in the wheel angles needs to be taken care of immediately. Every vehicle needs a routine wheel alignment after 2 to 3 years, but this time span can vary with several factors.

Common signs of wheel misalignment

If you notice any of the following symptoms while driving a car, reach us for a 4-wheel alignment Burbage:

  • Car pulling to the left or right when driving straight
  • Rapid tyre wear
  • Screeching noise from the tyres while making a turn
  • Juddering on the steering wheel

These are some of the signs of misaligned wheels. So, if you want to maintain optimum car performance, do not delay opting for professional wheel alignment checks and rectifications.

How do we perform 4-wheel alignment Burbage?

Our technicians are adept at using the latest machinery to detect discrepancies in your vehicle’s wheel angle.

When you come to us for wheel alignment services, our team will check the three wheel angles using advanced equipment and then align the camber, caster and toe angles of your car wheel. What are camber, caster and toes angles?


If viewed from the side, the caster angle is the angle between the vehicle’s steering axis and the vertical axis of the car wheels.


If viewed from the front, the camber is the inward or outward angle of car wheels. It represents the angle between the wheels and the vertical axis of the car wheels.


The toe angle is the angle between the car wheels and the longitudinal axis of your car. Any discrepancy can lead to compromised manoeuvrability and grip.

It is the wheel’s inward or outward tilt if you see it from the top.

Have more queries?

Please drop an email at info@mjbmotorservices.com.