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Are you looking for MOT Burbage for your vehicle?

Is your vehicle more than three years old? Then, it’s time to opt for an MOT check to assess your vehicle’s roadworthiness. If you are looking for affordable MOT Burbage, Hinckley, drive to MJB Motor Services Ltd. We are at Unit 2A Sapcote Road industrial estate, Sapcote Road, Burbage, LE10 2AU.

MOT test is an annual assessment that determines your vehicle’s roadworthiness. Any automobile that is three or more years old must undergo this test. Moreover, per the DVSA guidelines, any vehicle failing the MOT check is not eligible to run on the roads, and you can be charged a hefty fine for violating this rule.

Why is MOT necessary?

An MOT check ensures your vehicle complies with the legal standards to remain road legal. DVSA guidelines state that any automobile without a valid MOT certificate cannot ply on UK roads. If you drive a car with a failed MOT (except for travelling to an MOT Hinckley centre with an MOT appointment), you will have to pay a hefty fine and face other issues.

How do we conduct MOT Burbage?

Our experienced MOT engineers inspect the following car components closely and certify your vehicle accordingly:


It is one of the crucial components that can affect your vehicle’s roadworthiness. Exhausts reduce the toxicity of harmful gases before passing them out. We will check if your vehicle’s emission meets the standard level and ensure the exhaust system is properly functional.


We will inspect the tread depth and carcass condition for any damage or cut. The car tyres should be in proper condition for a safe and comfortable driving experience.


Brakes are essential car components that ensure uncompromised driving safety. Any malfunction in this component can lead to MOT failure. We will inspect different brake components, such as the rotor, calliper, brake fluid, etc., to ensure they function correctly.

We also inspect the following:

  • Suspension
  • Batteries
  • Seats And Seatbelts
  • Clutch
  • Doors, etc.

If the mentioned components are found functional, we provide a VT20 certificate; if we find Major or Dangerous defects, then a VT30 certificate is provided.

If your vehicle receives a VT30 certificate, you can opt for a post-MOT repair from us, after which you can opt for a partial re-test at a reduced cost within ten working days of the actual test.

Are you interested?

Then what are you waiting for? It is time you end your ‘MOT Burbage, Hinckley’ searches by calling us on 01455 560506.

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